The Scruffy Labradoodle

Hey there!
I'm Genevieve, also known as Genny, Gen, Gen-Gen, Genny baby (like Gelly baby- really?!) and a few other affectionate but cringe-worthy names. You'll probably have heard a bit about me already. I'm kind of a big deal on the internet. If Izzy's not posting pics of what I'm up to on here, you can bet I'll be over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook bringing up her likes. I guess I should try to stop being so cute. I am told I'm good looking in a scruffy sort of way though. I've even been mistaken for a sheep, but I like sheep so that's okay.
This is me as a baby
I joined the Stocks' house in August 2013 when they brought me home as a teeny pup and I was sick in Izzy's lap. I hadn't been in a car before. I didn't mind it but I just wish I hadn't eaten so much before. I often feel like that a lot. They eat so much in this house; it's the best. Marmite toast, regular roast dinners, plenty of human biscuits, lots of carrots, bananas, CAKE and my possible favourite of all time, ice-cream. I just sit there looking all angelic like the pup I am; sometimes I even rest my head on their laps- they love it- and there you go; I get a tit bit, or I at least get to lick the plate at the end.
I forgot to mention- sometimes I go in the bin too. I just can't help myself!
I did get in trouble the other week though. A very generous lady from up the road bought the Stocks' a Madeira cake, freshly baked she said. It was in a silvery coloured wrapper so I couldn't see what it looked like, and I really wanted to see what a Madeira cake was. Just see, honest. Then they left it on the kitchen counter and went out- the cheek of leaving me!- so I thought I'd have a peep. Somehow it fell off the side and I accidentally ate it all. I did get a telling off but to be honest they're always cuddling me again in no time and it was so worth it.
My brothers and I
Apart from munching, I love to make friends, with humans or animals. I have two older cat brothers; Toby and George. I love Toby and he's my best, best friend. He even lets me put his head in my mouth. I do secretly like George but he's the animal in charge of the house and he tends to look down his nose at me when I'm being hyper. Which is pretty much 99.9% of the time. So I have limited contact with George.
Izzy and me on a great walk
I also love to have stick fun every morning in the field with Dad. The Stocks' include me in everything, whether it be parties, opening Christmas stockings or going to the pub. I love it when the Stocks' dress me up in exciting things- at the moment I have a very snuggly, stripy jumper on- and I love going to the beach at the weekends. Some would say I'm really talented as I can pick up and carry my own lead, though sometimes they just don't get the hint. I hope you enjoy reading about my happy life!

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