Saturday, 22 August 2015


Dear readers,

Can you believe it's been over two months since I posted on here?! Summer has just been a bit manic; what with Dad finally having his transplant (all looking good so far), Matt and I whizzing round Europe on a ten day trip and juggling seeing friends and preparing for my PGCE (scary) with taking long country walks with Genny and having a bit of much needed chill-out time. I'm not sure why but I fancied a change and a new venture so I made a Tumblr page the other night, named Fleurs de Lys (reminded me of my nanny) but you can access it at I'm hoping to just create a more streamlined version of Vintage Beauty xox over there- with an emphasis on pretty pictures and not so many words if I'm pushed for time. I've started a short diary in parts of our Europe trip that you can go check out now. So, yes, just a short note. Hoping you are all well and having fantastic warm summers! Please head over to my new page and spread the word! I will be keeping this blog as I am fond of it - who knows when I will post in the near future.

Love, Izzy